Tips for When You're Moving

You did it. You found a great agent. You made your calculations, and You’ve Purchased a new home! Congrats!  

What’s next?  

Moving Day.  

Here are some of our favorite tips and tricks for making the transition into your new space as enjoyable as possible:  

Make a Moving Checklist 

When you start your checklist, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel! There are great templates already out there:  

Start Selling Early 

Everyone knows that moving is a great time to minimize and donate unwanted items. But if you’re interested in selling anything (think Etsy, Craigslist, eBay, etc) we recommend you start early. Not only can you get the best price for your valuables, but you also won't be trying to mail out items or work with someone else’s schedule when moving day arrives.  

Set a Realistic Budget 

What it will cost you to move from the mainland to here, or from Kihei to Lahaina. Either way, you should have a budget!  

  • Add the following categories at the top of your page: Category and Cost. 

  • Create three main sections on the first column: Professional Movers, Self-Moving, and Other Expenses. 

  • You’ll fill in the prices for each of the moving items listed below under the appropriate section. 

  • Create a row entitled Subtotal under each section. 

  • Add up all the professional or self-move costs using a calculator or the appropriate formula available in your spreadsheet and place this value in the Subtotal row. 

  • Create a new row under Subtotal entitled Contingency and multiply the total by at least 5% (though if you want to be super safe, double it). Then add that to your subtotal 

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Pack Essentials in Clear Plastic Bins  

We think this suggestion is genius: Pack any essentials (think toiletries, kitchen supplies, clothing) in clear plastic bins. That way you aren’t digging through boxes for something you need right away.  

Create an Overnight Bag 

While those clear plastic bins will help keep your home functional as you unpack, packing yourself a suitcase for the days you spend moving back and forth can help streamline your morning and night routine, especially if you’re tired!  

Remember: Professionals Exist for a Reason 

Have bulky or fragile items, or simply too much on your plate? Professional movers exist for a reason. Always remember to check the company’s reputation, whether that be online or via word of mouth. Asking around the island for a reliable company can be a good place to start.  

If you're interested in buying or selling a home and would like to work with someone who knows the ins and outs of Maui Real Estate, reach out to one of our experienced Realtors by calling 808.879.3402, or you can reach one of us directly from our website at Mahalo for choosing us!

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