A Quick Guide to Volunteering on Maui

Whether you are looking to give back during your vacation, or a resident with a desire to connect to your community; there are plenty of volunteer options on Maui for everybody! 

Why should I volunteer?

  • It gives you a chance to meet and socialize with your community.  


  • It’s a free way to learn new skills. Don’t be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone and learn something new in the name of helping others!  


  • You’ll be contributing to the estimated economic value of $122.9B that volunteers bring to the economy. (source)  

  • It scientifically makes you a happier person!  According to the WCSU website:  

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A Quick Guide to Finding Maui Art

Maybe you are looking to take a break from the beach, purchase a new masterpiece, or just learn more about the Maui art scene. Whatever the reason, these galleries and venues are a great stop for an art lover on Maui!  

Maui Hands 

Featuring three different galleries in Wailea, Makawao, and Pa’ia, Maui Hands is an island staple focusing on local art in a wide variety of mediums.  

Hot Island Glass 

The ability to watch the artists while they work (and you shop) makes Hot Island Glass a favorite of many families!  

Hana Coast Gallery 

This east Maui art gallery is a favorite, and not to be missed the next time you make it out to Hana!  


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The Best Way To Wear Sunscreen On Maui

The Island of Maui averages 276 days of sun a year, so it’s no surprise that sunscreen is an essential part of life here. But not just any sunscreen will do!  

As of January 1, 2021 Hawaii banned sunscreen containing contain chemicals such as oxybenzone and octinoxate which have been linked to coral bleaching and harm our marine wildlife.  


Here are three easy ways to make sure that you and the reef can stay protected:  


  1. Check sunscreen for the “Reef Safe approved” logo, especially if you brought sunscreen from home. 


  1. Consider wearing a UV shirt instead of sunscreen. 


  1. Check out one of the many…

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Sweet on Maui 

Our Favorite Island Desserts 

Welcome to our next installment in our #foodiefriday series. We’ve covered breakfast, lunch, and dinner, but what about the most important course of all?  


From shaved ice to baked treats, Maui has decadent options!  

Ululani’s Shave Ice 

A Maui-must! Don’t be intimated by the lines, it’s worth it!  


Surfing Monkey Shave Ice 

You didn’t think we’d only have only one shave ice place on the list did you?   


Paia Gelato 

Italian ice cream made fresh on Maui? Yes please!  


Coconut Glens 

The vegan ice cream and coconut candy of your dreams! 


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