The upside to living on Maui? It’s paradise! The reality? It’s not heaven. That being said, it’s worth it when you compare the pros and cons.

Maui Lifestyle 

The Pros

  •       The weather. 65°F to 88°F, and rarely below 58°F or above 90°F. With warm rains during ‘winter’ and trade winds during the summer, what more could you ask for? Residents know this saying is true: “If you don’t like the weather in Maui, drive 10 minutes down the road, it’s probably different.”
  •       Fresh produce. Many fruits and vegetables grow happily in Maui. (Lovers of starfruit and papayas, this is the place for you!)  Check out this blog post from Pride of Maui for the best locally grown markets happening all week.
  •       The Celebrations! From first birthdays to…

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Why learn Hawaiian terminology?


You may know “Aloha” and “Mahalo”, but there are many more Hawaiian words and phrases with nuanced meanings that you can use to express yourself!


Also, despite being one of the oldest living languages, it is only spoken only by about 0.1% of the people who live in Hawaii  today.

 Our Favorite Words and Phrases

  •       “E komo mai”  -welcome

  •       “E Aloha Kekahi i Kekahi” - love one another

  •       “Lanai” -  patio or balcony.

  •       “Waina” -Wine!

  •       “Pupu” Platter – plate of appetizers

  •       “Pomaika’i” -good luck or good fortune

  •       “Kuleana” – responsibility

  •       “Pau hana” - time after work

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My puppy is moving to Maui!

All I need to do is put her on a plane to Maui, right?  Ah, nope.

Hawaii is the only rabies-free state in the U.S. and there are specific requirements to bring any pet to Maui.  When you first look at the requirements, it is a bit overwhelming.  However, if you utilize your resources AND allow enough time, it is possible to have a successful entry. There is no ASAP in this process.

Here’s our tips for bringing your pet to paradise.

A cat wearing a sweater

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Follow the Right Checklist for Your Island and Specific Pet 

Most people will need to use Checklist #2

Owners wishing to fly their pet directly to the Kahului Airport (OGG) must obtain a Neighbor Island Inspection Permit (NIIP) from an approved vet located…

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