The upside to living on Maui? It’s paradise! The reality? It’s not heaven. That being said, it’s worth it when you compare the pros and cons.

Maui Lifestyle 

The Pros

  •       The weather. 65°F to 88°F, and rarely below 58°F or above 90°F. With warm rains during ‘winter’ and trade winds during the summer, what more could you ask for? Residents know this saying is true: “If you don’t like the weather in Maui, drive 10 minutes down the road, it’s probably different.”
  •       Fresh produce. Many fruits and vegetables grow happily in Maui. (Lovers of starfruit and papayas, this is the place for you!)  Check out this blog post from Pride of Maui for the best locally grown markets happening all week.
  •       The Celebrations! From first birthdays to the lei-giving at graduations (starting in Pre-K), we know how to throw a party here!
  •       Sense of Community. Speaking of the celebrations, the official past-time of Maui is ‘talking-story’ with your neighbors. And when you live on an island, that’s everyone!
  •       The entertainment comes to you. Who wouldn’t want to come to Hawaii on their tour? What art exhibition wouldn’t want a chance to be displayed in paradise? In addition to local luaus, a strong assortment of concerts and showings comes through the islands.
  •       World-Class Dining. Whatever you’re hungry for, you can find in Hawaii. You might just find your new favorite that you didn’t know existed. Stay tuned for a blog post dedicated to Maui’s food-scene.  
  •       Outdoor and recreational activities. Because of the great weather year-round, it’s always a good time to get outside. From laying on the beach to hiking in the mountains, there is something for everyone. Golf, water sports, hiking, hunting, biking and walking are just the beginning!

The Cons 

The Reality

Everyone’s lifestyle is different, so everyone’s experience is going to be different. Did we miss something you love about living on an island? Leave us a comment down below!

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